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PObject::Comparison PObject::CompareObjectMemoryDirect ( const PObject obj  )  const [virtual, inherited]

Determine the byte wise comparison of two objects. This is the default comparison operation for objects that do not explicitly override the Compare()# function.

The PCLASSINFO# macro declares an override of this function for the particular class. The user need not implement it.

LessThan#, EqualTo# or GreaterThan# according to the result memcpy()# function.

Definition at line 404 of file object.cxx.

Referenced by PObject::Compare().

  int retval = memcmp(this, &obj, sizeof(PObject));
  if (retval < 0)
    return LessThan;
  if (retval > 0)
    return GreaterThan;
  return EqualTo;

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