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PObject::Comparison PObject::Compare ( const PObject obj  )  const [virtual, inherited]

Compare the two objects and return their relative rank. This function is usually overridden by descendent classes to yield the ranking according to the semantics of the object.

The default function is to use the CompareObjectMemoryDirect()# function to do a byte wise memory comparison of the two objects.

LessThan#, EqualTo# or GreaterThan# according to the relative rank of the objects.

Reimplemented in PASN_Null, PASN_Boolean, PASN_Integer, PASN_Enumeration, PASN_Real, PASN_ObjectId, PASN_BitString, PASN_OctetString, PASN_ConstrainedString, PASN_BMPString, PASN_Choice, PASN_Sequence, PASN_Array, PHTTPField, PIpAccessControlEntry, PMemoryFile, PURL, PAbstractArray, PArrayObjects, PChannel, POrdinalKey, PHashTable, PFile, PIndirectChannel, PIPSocket::Address, PAbstractList, PAbstractSortedList, PPipeChannel, PProcess, PTime, PRemoteConnection, PSafePtrBase, PSmartPointer, and PTimeInterval.

Definition at line 422 of file object.cxx.

References PObject::CompareObjectMemoryDirect().

Referenced by PASN_ConstrainedString::Compare(), PASN_OctetString::Compare(), PObject::operator!=(), PObject::operator<(), PObject::operator<=(), PObject::operator==(), PObject::operator>(), and PObject::operator>=().

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