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PObject * PObject::Clone (  )  const [virtual, inherited]

Create a copy of the class on the heap. The exact semantics of the descendent class determine what is required to make a duplicate of the instance. Not all classes can even { do} a clone operation.

The main user of the clone function is the PDictionary# class as it requires copies of the dictionary keys.

The default behaviour is for this function to assert.

pointer to new copy of the class instance.

Reimplemented in PASN_Null, PASN_Boolean, PASN_Integer, PASN_Enumeration, PASN_Real, PASN_ObjectId, PASN_BitString, PASN_OctetString, PASN_BMPString, PASN_Sequence, PASN_Set, PHTTPSimpleAuth, PHTTPMultiSimpAuth, PASNObject, PASNInteger, PASNString, PASNIPAddress, PASNTimeTicks, PASNCounter, PASNGauge, PASNObjectID, PASNNull, PSocks4Socket, PSocks5Socket, PSocksUDPSocket, POrdinalKey, PTime, PTCPSocket, and PTimeInterval.

Definition at line 415 of file object.cxx.

Referenced by PAbstractDictionary::AbstractSetAt(), and PHTTPResource::SetAuthority().

  return NULL;

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