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const PObject & PHashTable::AbstractGetKeyAt ( PINDEX  index  )  const [protected, virtual]

Get the key in the hash table at the ordinal index position.

The ordinal position in the hash table is determined by the hash values of the keys and the order of insertion.

The last key/data pair is remembered by the class so that subseqent access is very fast.

This function is primarily used by the descendent template classes, or macro, with the appropriate type conversion.

reference to key at the index position.
index  Ordinal position in the hash table.

Definition at line 1548 of file collect.cxx.

Referenced by PAbstractSet::GetAt(), PAbstractDictionary::InsertAt(), PAbstractDictionary::PrintOn(), PAbstractDictionary::RemoveAt(), PAbstractDictionary::SetAt(), and PAbstractDictionary::SetDataAt().

  PAssert(hashTable->SetLastElementAt(index), PInvalidArrayIndex);
  return *hashTable->lastElement->key;

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