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PVideoOutputDevice * PVideoOutputDevice::CreateOpenedDevice ( const PString driverName,
const PString deviceName,
BOOL  startImmediate = TRUE,
PPluginManager *  pluginMgr = NULL 
) [static, inherited]

Create an opened video output device that corresponds to the specified names. If the driverName parameter is an empty string or "*" then CreateDeviceByName is used with the deviceName parameter which is assumed to be a value returned from GetDriversDeviceNames().

driverName  Name of driver
deviceName  Name of device
startImmediate  Immediately start display
pluginMgr  Plug in manager, use default if NULL

Definition at line 1322 of file videoio.cxx.

References PVideoOutputDevice::CreateDevice(), PVideoOutputDevice::CreateDeviceByName(), PString::IsEmpty(), and PVideoDevice::Open().

  PVideoOutputDevice * device;
  if (driverName.IsEmpty() || driverName == "*")
    device = CreateDeviceByName(deviceName, pluginMgr);
    device = CreateDevice(driverName, pluginMgr);

  if (device != NULL && device->Open(deviceName, startImmediate))
    return device;

  delete device;
  return NULL;

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