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BOOL PVideoDevice::SetVFlipState ( BOOL  newVFlipState  )  [virtual, inherited]

Set the video conversion vertical flip state. Default action is to return FALSE.

newVFlipState  New vertical flip state

Reimplemented in PVideoOutputDevice_Window.

Definition at line 654 of file videoio.cxx.

References PColourConverter::Create(), and PColourConverter::SetVFlipState().

Referenced by PVideoDevice::OpenFull(), and PVideoChannel::ToggleVFlipInput().

  if (newVFlip && converter == NULL)
    converter = PColourConverter::Create(colourFormat, colourFormat, frameWidth, frameHeight);

  if (converter != NULL)
    converter->SetVFlipState(newVFlip ^ nativeVerticalFlip);

  return TRUE;

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