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BOOL PVideoChannel::DisplayRawData ( void *  videoBuffer  ) 

Get data from the attached inputDevice, and display on the attached ouptutDevice.

Definition at line 304 of file pvidchan.cxx.

References accessMutex, GetGrabHeight(), GetGrabWidth(), mpInput, mpOutput, Read(), SetRenderFrameSize(), and Write().

  PWaitAndSignal m(accessMutex);

  if ((mpOutput == NULL) || (mpInput == NULL))
    return FALSE;
  PINDEX length=0;

  int frameWidth  = GetGrabWidth();
  int frameHeight = GetGrabHeight();
  PTRACE(6,"Video\t data direct:: camera-->render, size " << frameWidth << "x" << frameHeight );
  SetRenderFrameSize(frameWidth, frameHeight);
  Read(videoBuffer, length);
  Write((const void *)videoBuffer, length);
  return TRUE;      

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