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//    MediaRecorderNode.h
//    -------------------
//    Copyright 1999, Be Incorporated.   All Rights Reserved.
//    This file may be used under the terms of the Be Sample Code License.

#if !defined(_MEDIA_RECORDER_NODE_H)

#include <MediaEventLooper.h>
#include <BufferConsumer.h>
#include <String.h>

class BMediaRecorder;

namespace BPrivate {

class BMediaRecorderNode : public BMediaEventLooper, public BBufferConsumer {
                                                      const char * name,
                                                      BMediaRecorder * rec,
                                                      int32 priority);

            //    these are not thread safe; we should fix that...
            void                    SetOKFormat(
                                                      const media_format & format);
            status_t                GetInput(
                                                      media_input * out_input);

#if 0
            thread_id               ThreadID()
                                                      return BMediaEventLooper::ControlThread();
            void                    SetDataEnabled(
                                                      bool enabled);


            virtual     BMediaAddOn*AddOn(
                                                      int32 * internal_id) const;

            virtual void            HandleEvent(
                                                      const media_timed_event *event,
                                                      bigtime_t lateness,
                                                      bool realTimeEvent);

            virtual     status_t    HandleMessage(
                                                      int32 message,
                                                      const void * data,
                                                      size_t size);
                  /* Someone, probably the producer, is asking you about this format. Give */
                  /* your honest opinion, possibly modifying *format. Do not ask upstream */
                  /* producer about the format, since he's synchronously waiting for your */
                  /* reply. */
            virtual     status_t    AcceptFormat(
                                                      const media_destination & dest,
                                                      media_format * format);
            virtual     status_t    GetNextInput(
                                                      int32 * cookie,
                                                      media_input * out_input);
            virtual     void        DisposeInputCookie(
                                                      int32 cookie);
            virtual     void        BufferReceived(
                                                      BBuffer * buffer);
            virtual     void        ProducerDataStatus(
                                                      const media_destination & for_whom,
                                                      int32 status,
                                                      bigtime_t at_performance_time);
            virtual     status_t    GetLatencyFor(
                                                      const media_destination & for_whom,
                                                      bigtime_t * out_latency,
                                                      media_node_id * out_timesource);
            virtual     status_t    Connected(
                                                      const media_source & producer,
                                                      const media_destination & where,
                                                      const media_format & with_format,
                                                      media_input * out_input);
            virtual     void        Disconnected(
                                                      const media_source & producer,
                                                      const media_destination & where);
            virtual     status_t    FormatChanged(
                                                      const media_source & producer,
                                                      const media_destination & consumer, 
                                                      int32 change_tag,
                                                      const media_format & format);


            virtual                       ~BMediaRecorderNode();

            BMediaRecorder *  _mRecorder;
            media_format            _mOKFormat;
            media_input             _mInput;
            BString                       _mName;


using namespace BPrivate;

#endif      //    _MEDIA_RECORDER_NODE_H

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