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BOOL PVideoChannel::Write ( const void *  buf,
PINDEX  len 
) [virtual]

Low level write to the channel, which is data to be rendered to the local video display device.

Reimplemented from PChannel.

Definition at line 172 of file pvidchan.cxx.

References accessMutex, PVideoDevice::GetFrameHeight(), PVideoDevice::GetFrameWidth(), mpInput, mpOutput, and PVideoOutputDevice::SetFrameData().

Referenced by DisplayRawData(), and Redraw().

  PWaitAndSignal m(accessMutex);

  if (mpOutput == NULL)
    return FALSE;

  if (mpInput == NULL) {
    PTRACE(6,"PVC\t::Write, frame size is "
              << mpOutput->GetFrameWidth() << "x" << mpOutput->GetFrameHeight() << 
              " VideoGrabber is unavailabile");
    return mpOutput->SetFrameData(0, 0, mpOutput->GetFrameWidth(), mpOutput->GetFrameHeight(), (const BYTE *)buf, TRUE);

  PTRACE(6,"PVC\t::Write, frame size is " 
               << mpInput->GetFrameWidth() << "x" << mpInput->GetFrameHeight() << 
               " VideoGrabber is source of size");
  return mpOutput->SetFrameData(0, 0,
        mpInput->GetFrameWidth(), mpInput->GetFrameHeight(),
           (const BYTE *)buf, TRUE);  

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