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PINDEX PSoundChannel::GetLastReadCount (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Get the number of bytes read by the last Read() call. This will be from 0 to the maximum number of bytes as passed to the Read() call.

Note that the number of bytes read may often be less than that asked for. Aside from the most common case of being at end of file, which the applications semantics may regard as an exception, there are some cases where this is normal. For example, if a PTextFile channel on the MSDOS platform is read from, then the translation of CR/LF pairs to
characters will result in the number of bytes returned being less than the size of the buffer supplied.

the number of bytes read.

Reimplemented from PChannel.

Definition at line 687 of file sound.h.

References GetLastReadCount(), and PChannel::lastReadCount.

Referenced by GetLastReadCount().

    { return (baseChannel == NULL) ? lastReadCount : baseChannel->GetLastReadCount(); }

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