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void PRFC822Channel::NextPart ( const PString boundary  ) 

Indicate that a new multipart message part is to begin. This will close off the previous part, and any nested multipart messages contained therein, and allow a new part to begin.

The user may adjust the parts content type and other header fields after this call and before the first write of the parts body. The default Content-Type is "text/plain".

Note that all header fields are cleared from the previous part.

Definition at line 1491 of file inetmail.cxx.

References PBase64::CompleteEncoding().

Referenced by Close(), and NewMessage().

  if (base64 != NULL) {
    PBase64 * oldBase64 = base64;
    base64 = NULL;
    *this << oldBase64->CompleteEncoding() << '\n';
    delete oldBase64;

  while (boundaries.GetSize() > 0) {
    if (boundaries[0] == boundary)
    *this << "\n--" << boundaries[0] << "--\n";


  writePartHeaders = boundaries.GetSize() > 0;

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