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BOOL PIndirectChannel::IsOpen (  )  const [virtual, inherited]

Determine if the channel is currently open and read and write operations can be executed on it. For example, in the PFile# class it returns if the file is currently open.

TRUE if the channel is open.

Reimplemented from PChannel.

Definition at line 797 of file pchannel.cxx.

Referenced by PPOP3Client::Close(), PSMTPClient::Close(), and PFTPClient::Close().

  PReadWaitAndSignal mutex(channelPointerMutex);

  if (readChannel != NULL && readChannel == writeChannel)
    return readChannel->IsOpen();

  BOOL returnValue = readChannel != NULL ? readChannel->IsOpen() : FALSE;

  if (writeChannel != NULL)
    returnValue = writeChannel->IsOpen() || returnValue;

  return returnValue;

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