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BOOL PRegularExpression::Compile ( const char *  cpattern,
int  flags = IgnoreCase 

Compiler pattern. The pattern is compiled into an internal format to speed subsequent execution of the pattern match algorithm.

TRUE if successfully compiled.
cpattern  Pattern to compile
flags  Pattern match options

Definition at line 3183 of file contain.cxx.

References BadPattern, and NoError.

  patternSaved = pattern;
  flagsSaved   = flags;

  if (expression != NULL) {
    delete regexpression;
    expression = NULL;
  if (pattern == NULL || *pattern == '\0')
    lastError = BadPattern;
  else {
    expression = new regex_t;
    lastError = regcomp(regexpression, pattern, flags);
  return lastError == NoError;

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