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virtual BOOL PColourConverter::Convert ( const BYTE *  srcFrameBuffer,
BYTE *  dstFrameBuffer,
PINDEX *  bytesReturned = NULL 
) [pure virtual]

Convert from one colour format to another. This version will copy the data from one frame buffer to another. An implementation of this function should allow for the case of where srcFrameBuffer and dstFrameBuffer are the same, if the conversion algorithm allows for that to occur without an intermediate frame store.

The function should return FALSE if srcFrameBuffer and dstFrameBuffer are the same and that form pf conversion is not allowed

srcFrameBuffer  Frame store for source pixels
dstFrameBuffer  Frame store for destination pixels
bytesReturned  Bytes written to dstFrameBuffer

Implemented in PSynonymColour.

Referenced by ConvertInPlace(), PVideoInputDevice_VideoForWindows::GetFrameDataNoDelay(), PVideoInputDevice_FakeVideo::GetFrameDataNoDelay(), PVideoInputDevice_1394DC::GetFrameDataNoDelay(), PVideoInputDevice_1394AVC::GetFrameDataNoDelay(), and PVideoOutputDeviceRGB::SetFrameData().

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