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BOOL PWAVFile::SetPosition ( off_t  pos,
FilePositionOrigin  origin = Start 
) [virtual]

Set the current active position in the file for the next read or write operation. The pos# variable is a signed number which is added to the specified origin. For origin == PFile::Start# only positive values for pos# are meaningful. For origin == PFile::End# only negative values for pos# are meaningful.

Note that for a WAV file, the origin of the file is right after the header. That is, the WAV header is not included when perform SetPosition().

TRUE if the new file position was set.
pos  New position to set.
origin  Origin for position change.

Reimplemented from PFile.

Definition at line 491 of file pwavfile.cxx.

References PWAVFileConverter::SetPosition().

  if (autoConverter != NULL)
    return autoConverter->SetPosition(*this, pos, origin);

  return RawSetPosition(pos, origin);

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