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BOOL PWAVFile::Write ( const void *  buf,
PINDEX  len 
) [virtual]

Call PFile::Write() to write out audio data and perform necessary processing such as byte-order swaping.

TRUE indicates that at least one character was written to the channel. FALSE means no bytes were written due to timeout or some other I/O error.
buf  Pointer to a block of memory to receive the write bytes.
len  Maximum number of bytes to write to the channel.

Reimplemented from PFile.

Definition at line 463 of file pwavfile.cxx.

References PWAVFileConverter::Write().

  // Needs to update header on close.
  header_needs_updating = TRUE;

  if (autoConverter != NULL)
    return autoConverter->Write(*this, buf, len);

  return RawWrite(buf, len);

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