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PWAVFile::PWAVFile ( OpenMode  mode,
int  opts = ModeDefault,
unsigned  format = fmt_PCM 

Create a unique temporary file name, and open the file in the specified mode and using the specified options. Note that opening a new, unique, temporary file name in ReadOnly mode will always fail. This would only be usefull in a mode and options that will create the file.

If a WAV file is being created, the type parameter can be used to create a PCM Wave file or a G.723.1 Wave file by using WaveType enum#

The PChannel::IsOpen()# function may be used after object construction to determine if the file was successfully opened.

mode  Mode in which to open the file.
opts  OpenOptions enum# for open operation.
format  Type of WAV File to create

Definition at line 268 of file pwavfile.cxx.

  : PFile(mode, opts)

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