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PWAVFile::PWAVFile ( const PFilePath name,
OpenMode  mode = ReadWrite,
int  opts = ModeDefault,
unsigned  format = fmt_PCM 

Create a WAV file object with the specified name and open it in the specified mode and with the specified options. If a WAV file is being created, the type parameter can be used to create a PCM Wave file or a G.723.1 Wave file by using WaveType enum#

The PChannel::IsOpen()# function may be used after object construction to determine if the file was successfully opened.

name  Name of file to open.
mode  Mode in which to open the file.
opts  OpenOptions enum# for open operation.
format  Type of WAV File to create

Definition at line 287 of file pwavfile.cxx.

References Open().

  Open(name, mode, opts);

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