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PWAVFileFormat Class Reference

#include <pwavfile.h>

Inherited by PWAVFileFormatG7231, and PWAVFileFormatPCM.

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Detailed Description

abstract factory class for handling WAV files formats

Definition at line 195 of file pwavfile.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void CreateHeader (PWAV::FMTChunk &header, PBYTEArray &extendedHeader)=0
virtual PString GetDescription () const =0
virtual unsigned GetFormat () const =0
virtual PString GetFormatString () const =0
virtual void OnStart ()
virtual void OnStop ()
virtual BOOL Read (PWAVFile &file, void *buf, PINDEX &len)
virtual BOOL ReadExtraChunks (PWAVFile &)
virtual BOOL Write (PWAVFile &file, const void *buf, PINDEX &len)
virtual BOOL WriteExtraChunks (PWAVFile &)

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