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BOOL PVideoInputDevice_1394DC::GetFrameDataNoDelay ( BYTE *  buffer,
PINDEX *  bytesReturned = NULL 
) [virtual]

Grab a frame. Do not delay according to the current frame rate parameter.

bytesReturned  Buffer to receive frame OPtional bytes returned.

Implements PVideoInputDevice.

Definition at line 696 of file video4dc1394.cxx.

References PColourConverter::Convert(), PTime::GetTimestamp(), and IsCapturing().

Referenced by GetFrameData().

  if (!IsCapturing()) return FALSE;

  PTRACE(3, "We are going to single capture.\n");
  if ((UseDMA && dc1394_dma_single_capture(&camera)!=DC1394_SUCCESS) ||
      (!UseDMA && dc1394_single_capture(handle,&camera)!=DC1394_SUCCESS)){
    PTRACE(1, "dc1394_single_capture() failed.");
    return FALSE;
  PTRACE(3, "single captured, try to convert\n");

  // If converting on the fly do it from frame store to output buffer, otherwise do
  // straight copy.
  if (converter != NULL)
    converter->Convert((const BYTE *)camera.capture_buffer, buffer, bytesReturned);
  else {
    PTRACE(1, "Converter must exist. Something goes wrong.");
    return FALSE;

  PTime now;
  double capturing_time = (double)((now.GetTimestamp()-start_time))/1000000;
  ::fprintf(stderr, "time %f, num_captured=%d, fps=%f\n", capturing_time, num_captured, num_captured/capturing_time);

  if (UseDMA)
  return TRUE;

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