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BOOL PSoundChannel::SetFormat ( unsigned  numChannels = 1,
unsigned  sampleRate = 8000,
unsigned  bitsPerSample = 16 
) [inline, virtual]

Set the format for play/record. Note that linear PCM data is the only one supported at this time.

Note that if the PlayFile() function is used, this may be overridden by information in the file being played.

TRUE if the format is valid.
numChannels  Number of channels eg mono/stereo
sampleRate  Samples per second
bitsPerSample  Number of bits per sample

Definition at line 514 of file sound.h.

References SetFormat().

Referenced by SetFormat().

    { return (baseChannel == NULL) ? FALSE : baseChannel->SetFormat(numChannels, sampleRate, bitsPerSample); }

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