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BOOL PFile::Remove ( const PFilePath name,
BOOL  force = FALSE 
) [static, inherited]

Delete the specified file. If force# is FALSE and the file is protected against being deleted then the function fails. If force# is TRUE then the protection is ignored. What constitutes file deletion protection is platform dependent, eg on DOS is the Read Only attribute and on a Novell network it is a Delete trustee right. Some protection may not be able to overridden with the force# parameter at all, eg on a Unix system and you are not the owner of the file.

TRUE if the file was deleted.

Definition at line 167 of file ptlib.inl.

Referenced by PPipeChannel::Close(), PFile::Move(), PFile::Remove(), and PFile::Rename().

  { return unlink((char *)(const char *)name) == 0; }

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