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BOOL PChannel::WriteString ( const PString str  )  [inherited]

Write a string to the channel. This function simply uses the Write() function so all comments on that function also apply.

TRUE if the character written.

Definition at line 403 of file pchannel.cxx.

References PString::GetLength(), PChannel::lastWriteCount, and PChannel::Write().

Referenced by PSMTPClient::EndMessage(), PPOP3Server::OnRETR(), PPOP3Server::OnTOP(), PTextFile::WriteLine(), PInternetProtocol::WriteLine(), and PInternetProtocol::WriteResponse().

  PINDEX len = str.GetLength();
  PINDEX written = 0;
  while (written < len) {
    if (!Write((const char *)str + written, len - written)) {
      lastWriteCount += written;
      return FALSE;
    written += lastWriteCount;
  lastWriteCount = written;
  return TRUE;

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