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PStringStream Class Reference

#include <pstring.h>

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class  Buffer

Public Member Functions

virtual PStringMakeEmpty ()
PStringStreamoperator= (const char *cstr)
PStringStreamoperator= (char ch)
PStringStreamoperator= (const PStringStream &strm)
PStringStreamoperator= (const PString &str)
 PStringStream ()
 PStringStream (PINDEX fixedBufferSize)
 PStringStream (const char *cstr)
 PStringStream (const PString &str)
virtual ~PStringStream ()
 Destroy the string stream, deleting the stream buffer.
Overrides from class PObject
virtual PObjectClone () const
virtual Comparison Compare (const PObject &obj) const
virtual void PrintOn (ostream &strm) const
virtual void ReadFrom (istream &strm)
virtual PINDEX HashFunction () const
Overrides from class PContainer
virtual BOOL SetSize (PINDEX newSize)
virtual BOOL IsEmpty () const
virtual BOOL MakeUnique ()
Size/Length functions
BOOL MakeMinimumSize ()
PINLINE PINDEX GetLength () const
bool operator! () const
Comparison operators
bool operator*= (const PString &str) const
bool operator*= (const char *cstr) const
bool operator== (const PObject &str) const
bool operator== (const char *cstr) const
bool operator!= (const PObject &str) const
bool operator!= (const char *cstr) const
bool operator< (const PObject &str) const
bool operator< (const char *cstr) const
bool operator> (const PObject &str) const
bool operator> (const char *cstr) const
bool operator<= (const PObject &str) const
bool operator<= (const char *cstr) const
bool operator>= (const PObject &str) const
bool operator>= (const char *cstr) const
Comparison NumCompare (const PString &str, PINDEX count=P_MAX_INDEX, PINDEX offset=0) const
Comparison NumCompare (const char *cstr, PINDEX count=P_MAX_INDEX, PINDEX offset=0) const
Search & replace functions
PINDEX Find (char ch, PINDEX offset=0) const
PINDEX Find (const PString &str, PINDEX offset=0) const
PINDEX Find (const char *cstr, PINDEX offset=0) const
PINDEX FindLast (char ch, PINDEX offset=P_MAX_INDEX) const
PINDEX FindLast (const PString &str, PINDEX offset=P_MAX_INDEX) const
PINDEX FindLast (const char *cstr, PINDEX offset=P_MAX_INDEX) const
PINDEX FindOneOf (const PString &set, PINDEX offset=0) const
PINDEX FindOneOf (const char *cset, PINDEX offset=0) const
PINDEX FindRegEx (const PRegularExpression &regex, PINDEX offset=0) const
BOOL FindRegEx (const PRegularExpression &regex, PINDEX &pos, PINDEX &len, PINDEX offset=0, PINDEX maxPos=P_MAX_INDEX) const
void Replace (const PString &target, const PString &subs, BOOL all=FALSE, PINDEX offset=0)
void Splice (const PString &str, PINDEX pos, PINDEX len=0)
void Splice (const char *cstr, PINDEX pos, PINDEX len=0)
void Delete (PINDEX start, PINDEX len)
Sub-string functions
PString operator() (PINDEX start, PINDEX end) const
PString Left (PINDEX len) const
PString Right (PINDEX len) const
PString Mid (PINDEX start, PINDEX len=P_MAX_INDEX) const
PString LeftTrim () const
PString RightTrim () const
PString Trim () const
PString ToLower () const
PString ToUpper () const
PStringArray Tokenise (const PString &separators, BOOL onePerSeparator=TRUE) const
PStringArray Tokenise (const char *cseparators, BOOL onePerSeparator=TRUE) const
PStringArray Lines () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AssignContents (const PContainer &cont)
virtual Comparison InternalCompare (PINDEX offset, PINDEX length, const char *cstr) const
virtual Comparison InternalCompare (PINDEX offset, char c) const
void InternalFromUCS2 (const WORD *ptr, PINDEX len)

Private Member Functions

 PCLASSINFO (PStringStream, PString)
 PStringStream (int, const PStringStream &)

Concatenation operators

PString operator+ (const PString &str) const
PString operator+ (const char *cstr) const
PString operator+ (char ch) const
PStringoperator+= (const PString &str)
PStringoperator+= (const char *cstr)
PStringoperator+= (char ch)
PString operator& (const PString &str) const
PString operator& (const char *cstr) const
PString operator& (char ch) const
PStringoperator&= (const PString &str)
PStringoperator&= (const char *cstr)
PStringoperator&= (char ch)
PString operator+ (const char *cstr, const PString &str)
PString operator+ (char c, const PString &str)
PString operator& (const char *cstr, const PString &str)
PString operator& (char ch, const PString &str)

Conversion functions

PStringsprintf (const char *cfmt,...)
PStringvsprintf (const PString &fmt, va_list args)
PStringvsprintf (const char *cfmt, va_list args)
long AsInteger (unsigned base=10) const
DWORD AsUnsigned (unsigned base=10) const
PInt64 AsInt64 (unsigned base=10) const
PUInt64 AsUnsigned64 (unsigned base=10) const
double AsReal () const
PWORDArray AsUCS2 () const
PBYTEArray ToPascal () const
PString ToLiteral () const
 operator const unsigned char * () const
PString psprintf (const char *cfmt,...)
PString pvsprintf (const char *cfmt, va_list args)
PString pvsprintf (const PString &fmt, va_list args)


enum  ConversionType {
  Pascal, Basic, Literal, Signed,
  Unsigned, Decimal, Exponent, Printf,
static PString Empty ()

Detailed Description

This class is a standard C++ stream class descendent for reading or writing streamed data to or from a PString# class.

All of the standard stream I/O operators, manipulators etc will operate on the PStringStream class.

Definition at line 1980 of file pstring.h.

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