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BOOL PSoundChannelSunAudio::IsRecordBufferFull (  ) [virtual]

Determine if a record buffer has been filled, so that the next Read() call will not block. Provided that the amount of data read is less than the buffer size.

TRUE if the sound driver has filled a buffer.

Reimplemented from PSoundChannel.

Definition at line 444 of file sound_sunaudio.cxx.

References PChannel::NotOpen, PChannel::os_handle, and PChannel::SetErrorValues().

Referenced by AreAllRecordBuffersFull().

  int err;
  audio_info_t audio_info;

  if (os_handle < 0)
    return SetErrorValues(NotOpen, EBADF);

  err = ::ioctl(os_handle, AUDIO_GETINFO, &audio_info);

  return err == 0 && audio_info.record.error != 0;

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