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VideoConsumer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual status_t AcceptFormat (const media_destination &dest, media_format *format)
virtual BMediaAddOn * AddOn (long *cookie) const
status_t CreateBuffers (const media_format &with_format)
void DeleteBuffers ()
virtual void DisposeInputCookie (int32 cookie)
void GetFrame (BYTE *buffer, PINDEX *bytesReturned, PColourConverter *converter)
virtual status_t GetNextInput (int32 *cookie, media_input *out_input)
 VideoConsumer (const char *name, BMediaAddOn *addon, const uint32 internal_id, int XSize, int YSize)

Public Attributes

PMutex mFrameMutex

Protected Member Functions

virtual void BufferReceived (BBuffer *buffer)
virtual status_t DeleteHook (BMediaNode *node)
virtual void HandleEvent (const media_timed_event *event, bigtime_t lateness, bool realTimeEvent)
virtual void NodeRegistered ()
virtual status_t RequestCompleted (const media_request_info &info)
virtual void Seek (bigtime_t media_time, bigtime_t performance_time)
virtual void Start (bigtime_t performance_time)
virtual void Stop (bigtime_t performance_time, bool immediate)
virtual void TimeWarp (bigtime_t at_real_time, bigtime_t to_performance_time)

Private Member Functions

virtual status_t Connected (const media_source &producer, const media_destination &where, const media_format &with_format, media_input *out_input)
virtual void Disconnected (const media_source &producer, const media_destination &where)
virtual status_t FormatChanged (const media_source &producer, const media_destination &consumer, int32 from_change_count, const media_format &format)
virtual status_t GetLatencyFor (const media_destination &for_whom, bigtime_t *out_latency, media_node_id *out_id)
virtual void ProducerDataStatus (const media_destination &for_whom, int32 status, bigtime_t at_media_time)

Private Attributes

BMediaAddOn * mAddOn
uint32 mBufferMap [3]
BBufferGroup * mBuffers
media_destination mDestination
BBitmap * mFrames [3]
media_input mIn
uint32 mInternalID
bigtime_t mMyLatency
bool mOurBuffers
int mXSize
int mYSize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file video4beos.cxx.

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