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PHTML::Element Class Reference

Inherited by PHTML::Abbrev, PHTML::Acronym, PHTML::Address, PHTML::Author, PHTML::Banner, PHTML::Big, PHTML::BlockQuote, PHTML::Body, PHTML::Bold, PHTML::BreakLine, PHTML::BulletList, PHTML::Cite, PHTML::Code, PHTML::Credit, PHTML::Definition, PHTML::DefinitionItem, PHTML::DefinitionList, PHTML::DefinitionTerm, PHTML::DeletedText, PHTML::Division, PHTML::Emphasis, PHTML::FieldElement, PHTML::Form, PHTML::Head, PHTML::Heading, PHTML::HotLink, PHTML::HTML, PHTML::ImageElement, PHTML::InsertedText, PHTML::Italic, PHTML::Keyboard, PHTML::ListHeading, PHTML::ListItem, PHTML::OrderedList, PHTML::Paragraph, PHTML::Person, PHTML::PreFormat, PHTML::Quote, PHTML::Sample, PHTML::SetTab, PHTML::SimpleList, PHTML::Small, PHTML::StrikeThrough, PHTML::Strong, PHTML::Subscript, PHTML::Superscript, PHTML::Tab, PHTML::TableData, PHTML::TableEnd, PHTML::TableHeader, PHTML::TableRow, PHTML::TableStart, PHTML::Target, PHTML::TeleType, PHTML::Title, PHTML::Underline, and PHTML::Variable.

List of all members.

Protected Types

enum  OptionalCRLF { NoCRLF, OpenCRLF, CloseCRLF, BothCRLF }

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AddAttr (PHTML &html) const
 Element (const char *nam, const char *att, ElementInSet elmt, ElementInSet req, OptionalCRLF opt)
virtual void Output (PHTML &html) const

Private Attributes

const char * attr
OptionalCRLF crlf
ElementInSet inElement
const char * name
ElementInSet reqElement


ostream & operator<< (ostream &strm, const Element &elmt)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 227 of file html.h.

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