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PINLINE PINDEX PContainer::GetSize (  ) const [virtual, inherited]

Get the current size of the container. This represents the number of things the container contains. For some types of containers this will always return 1.

number of objects in container.

Reimplemented in PArrayObjects.

Definition at line 219 of file contain.inl.

Referenced by PAbstractList::Append(), PAbstractArray::Compare(), PAbstractArray::Concatenate(), PAbstractSortedList::GetAt(), PSafeCollection::GetSize(), PAbstractList::InsertAt(), PContainer::IsEmpty(), PAbstractArray::PAbstractArray(), PAbstractArray::PrintOn(), PAbstractDictionary::PrintOn(), PCollection::PrintOn(), PSafeCollection::RemoveAll(), PCollection::RemoveAll(), PAbstractList::SetCurrent(), and PContainer::SetMinSize().

  { return PAssertNULL(reference)->size; }

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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