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PINDEX PAbstractList::Insert ( const PObject before,
PObject obj 
) [virtual]

Insert a new object immediately before the specified object. If the object to insert before is not in the collection then the equivalent of the Append()# function is performed.

Note that the object values are compared for the search of the before# parameter, not the pointers. So the objects in the collection must correctly implement the PObject::Compare()# function.

index of the newly inserted object.
beforeObject value to insert before.
objNew object to place into the collection.

Implements PCollection.

Definition at line 561 of file collect.cxx.

References GetObjectsIndex(), and InsertAt().

  if (PAssertNULL(obj) == NULL)
    return P_MAX_INDEX;
  PINDEX where = GetObjectsIndex(&before);
  InsertAt(where, obj);
  return where;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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