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PINDEX PAbstractList::GetObjectsIndex ( const PObject obj ) const [virtual]

Search the collection for the specific instance of the object. The object pointers are compared, not the values. A simple linear search from "head" of the list is performed.

ordinal index position of the object, or P_MAX_INDEX.
objObject to find.

Implements PCollection.

Definition at line 692 of file collect.cxx.

Referenced by Insert(), PAbstractSortedList::Remove(), and Remove().

  PINDEX index = 0;
  Element * element = info->head;
  while (element != NULL) {
    if (element->data == obj) {
      info->lastElement = element;
      info->lastIndex = index;
      return index;
    element = element->next;

  return P_MAX_INDEX;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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