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BOOL PVideoInputDevice_VideoForWindows::Open ( const PString deviceName,
BOOL  startImmediate = TRUE 
) [virtual]

Open the device given the device name.

startImmediateDevice name to open Immediately start device

Implements PVideoInputDevice.

Definition at line 619 of file vfw.cxx.

References Close(), PThread::Create(), PThread::NoAutoDeleteThread, PThread::NormalPriority, Start(), and PSemaphore::Wait().


  deviceName = devName;

  captureThread = PThread::Create(PCREATE_NOTIFIER(HandleCapture), 0,
                                  PThread::NoAutoDeleteThread, PThread::NormalPriority,
  if (hCaptureWindow == NULL) {
    delete captureThread;
    captureThread = NULL;
    return FALSE;

  if (startImmediate)
    return Start();

  return TRUE;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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