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void PThread::Suspend ( BOOL  susp = TRUE ) [virtual, inherited]

Suspend or resume the thread.

If susp# is TRUE this increments an internal count of suspensions that must be matched by an equal number of calls to Resume()# or Suspend(FALSE)# before the thread actually executes again.

If susp# is FALSE then this decrements the internal count of suspensions. If the count is <= 0 then the thread will run. Note that the thread will not be suspended until an equal number of Suspend(TRUE)# calls are made.

suspFlag to suspend or resume a thread.

Definition at line 1375 of file win32.cxx.

References PThread::IsTerminated(), and PThread::Resume().

Referenced by ThreadTest::Main(), SortedListTest::Main(), and Xmlrpcsrvr::Main().

  PAssert(!IsTerminated(), "Operation on terminated thread");
  if (susp)

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