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virtual void PThread::Main (  ) [pure virtual, inherited]

User override function for the main execution routine of the thread. A descendent class must provide the code that will be executed in the thread within this function.

Note that the correct way for a thread to terminate is to return from this function.

Implemented in PHTTPServiceThread, PHandleAggregator::WorkerThreadBase, HouseKeepingThread, LocalAddress, Audio, TestAudioRead, TestAudioWrite, DNSTest, DtmfTest, Emailtest, Factory, FindIP, Hello, IPV6Test, LDAPTest, Md5, NetTest, ODBCtest, PxmlTest, Serial, UserInterfaceThread, SerialInterfaceThread, SortedListTest, DoSomeThing, DoSomeThing2, StringHolder< S, C >::TestThread, Test5Thread, StringTest, StunClient, MyThread1, MyThread2, ThreadTest, DelayThread, UserInterfaceThread, LauncherThread, Threadex, ThreadSafe, TimingTest, VidTest, ChannelCopyThread, Vxmltest, XMLRPCApp, Xmlrpcsrvr, XMPPTest, and PSimpleThread.

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