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PHTTPField * PHTTPConfig::AddSectionField ( PHTTPField sectionFld,
const char *  prefix = NULL,
const char *  suffix = NULL 
) [inherited]

Add a field that will determine the name opf the secontion into which the other fields are to be added as keys. The section is not created and and error generated if the section already exists.

sectionFldField to set as the section name
prefixString to attach before the field value
suffixString to attach after the field value

Definition at line 2247 of file httpform.cxx.

  sectionField = PAssertNULL(sectionFld);
  PAssert(!PIsDescendant(sectionField, PHTTPCompositeField), "Section field is composite");

  if (prefix != NULL)
    sectionPrefix = prefix;
  if (suffix != NULL)
    sectionSuffix = suffix;

  return sectionField;

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