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PColourConverter * PColourConverter::Create ( const PString srcColourFormat,
const PString dstColourFormat,
unsigned  width,
unsigned  height 
) [static, inherited]

Create an instance of a colour conversion function. Returns NULL if there is no registered colour converter between the two named formats.

srcColourFormatName of source colour format
dstColourFormatName of destination colour format
widthWidth of frame (used for both src and dst)
heightHeight of frame (used for both src and dst)

Definition at line 438 of file vconvert.cxx.

References PColourConverterRegistration::Create().

Referenced by PVideoInputDevice_BeOSVideo::SetColourFormat(), PVideoDevice::SetColourFormatConverter(), PVideoDevice::SetFrameSizeConverter(), PVideoInputDevice_1394DC::SetFrameSizeConverter(), PVideoInputDevice_1394AVC::SetFrameSizeConverter(), and PVideoDevice::SetVFlipState().

  PString converterName = srcColourFormat + '\t' + destColourFormat;

  PColourConverterRegistration * find = RegisteredColourConvertersListHead;
  while (find != NULL) {
    if (*find == converterName) {
      return find->Create(width, height);
    find = find->link;

  PTRACE(2,"PColCnv\tCreate error. Did not find " << srcColourFormat << "->" << destColourFormat);
  return NULL;

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