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JRingBuffer Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  { kAsync, kSome, kWait }
enum  { aLongTime = 0x7FFFFFFFL }

Public Member Functions

int AbandonReserve ()
bool AllocFailed () const
int CanHold () const
int CommitFinal (int wrotelen)
void * CommitMore (int wrotelen, int &morelen)
int Contains () const
bool IsEmpty () const
bool IsFull () const
bool IsShutdown () const
 JRingBuffer (int buffersize)
void MakeEmpty ()
int Read (void *buf, int len, int flag=kWait)
int ReadAsync (void *buf, int len)
int ReadSome (void *buf, int len)
int ReadSomeTimed (void *buf, int len, long timeout)
int ReadTimed (void *buf, int len, long timeout, int flag=kWait)
void * ReserveToWrite (int &len)
void SetError (int error)
void Shutdown ()
bool WaitForData (long timeout=0x7FFFFFFF)
int Write (void *buf, int len)

Private Member Functions

void * ReserveToWrite_locked (int &len)

Private Attributes

unsigned char * m_buffer
unsigned char * m_bufferend
int m_buffersize
int m_in
MPCriticalRegionID m_mutex
int m_out
MPSemaphoreID m_readtoken
int m_reserved
int m_shutdown

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file ringbuffer.h.

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