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#if !defined(AFX_MSDEVWIZARDAW_H__22F027AC_345E_11D2_A1BE_444553540000__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_MSDEVWIZARDAW_H__22F027AC_345E_11D2_A1BE_444553540000__INCLUDED_

// MsDevWizardaw.h : header file

class CDialogChooser;

// All function calls made by mfcapwz.dll to this custom AppWizard (except for
//  GetCustomAppWizClass-- see MsDevWizard.cpp) are through this class.  You may
//  choose to override more of the CCustomAppWiz virtual functions here to
//  further specialize the behavior of this custom AppWizard.
00013 class CMsDevWizardAppWiz : public CCustomAppWiz
      BOOL m_has_http;
      BOOL m_is_service;
      BOOL m_has_gui;
      BOOL m_use_dlls;
      CString m_pwlib_dir;
      virtual CAppWizStepDlg* Next(CAppWizStepDlg* pDlg);
      virtual CAppWizStepDlg* Back(CAppWizStepDlg* pDlg);
      virtual void InitCustomAppWiz();
      virtual void ExitCustomAppWiz();
      virtual void CustomizeProject(IBuildProject* pProject);

      CDialogChooser* m_pChooser;

// This declares the one instance of the CMsDevWizardAppWiz class.  You can access
//  m_Dictionary and any other public members of this class through the
//  global MsDevWizardaw.  (Its definition is in MsDevWizardaw.cpp.)
extern CMsDevWizardAppWiz MsDevWizardaw;

// Microsoft Developer Studio will insert additional declarations immediately before the previous line.

#endif // !defined(AFX_MSDEVWIZARDAW_H__22F027AC_345E_11D2_A1BE_444553540000__INCLUDED_)

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