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PServiceProcess::PServiceProcess ( const char *  manuf,
const char *  name,
WORD  majorVersion,
WORD  minorVersion,
CodeStatus  status,
WORD  buildNumber 

Create a new service process.

manuf  Name of manufacturer
name  Name of product
majorVersion  Major version number of the product
minorVersion  Minor version number of the product
status  Development status of the product
buildNumber  Build number of the product

Definition at line 602 of file svcproc.cxx.

References currentLogLevel, and PSystemLog::Warning.

  : PProcess(manuf, name, major, minor, stat, build),
    systemLogFileName(GetFile().GetDirectory() + GetName() + " Log.TXT")
  controlWindow = debugWindow = NULL;
  currentLogLevel = PSystemLog::Warning;

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