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void PObject::PrintOn ( ostream &  strm  )  const [virtual, inherited]

Output the contents of the object to the stream. The exact output is dependent on the exact semantics of the descendent class. This is primarily used by the standard operator<<# function.

The default behaviour is to print the class name.

Reimplemented in PASN_Null, PASN_Boolean, PASN_Integer, PASN_Enumeration, PASN_Real, PASN_ObjectId, PASN_BitString, PASN_OctetString, PASN_ConstrainedString, PASN_BMPString, PASN_Choice, PASN_Sequence, PASN_Array, PIpAccessControlEntry, PASNObject, PASNInteger, PASNString, PASNUnsignedInteger, PASNObjectID, PASNNull, PASNSequence, PSNMPVarBindingList, PURL, PArgList, PAbstractArray, PCollection, POrdinalKey, PAbstractDictionary, PIPSocket::InterfaceEntry, PTime, PIntCondMutex, PThread, and PTimeInterval.

Definition at line 437 of file object.cxx.

References PObject::GetClass().

  strm << GetClass();

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