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 * xmpp_c2s.h
 * Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) Core
 * Client to Server communication classes
 * Portable Windows Library
 * Copyright (c) 2004 Reitek S.p.A.
 * The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License
 * Version 1.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
 * compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/
 * Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
 * basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See
 * the License for the specific language governing rights and limitations
 * under the License.
 * The Original Code is Portable Windows Library.
 * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Post Increment
 * Contributor(s): ______________________________________.
 * $Log: xmpp_c2s.h,v $
 * Revision 1.7  2005/11/30 12:47:37  csoutheren
 * Removed tabs, reformatted some code, and changed tags for Doxygen
 * Revision 1.6  2004/05/09 07:23:46  rjongbloed
 * More work on XMPP, thanks Federico Pinna and Reitek S.p.A.
 * Revision 1.5  2004/04/28 11:26:42  csoutheren
 * Hopefully fixed SASL and SASL2 problems
 * Revision 1.4  2004/04/26 19:44:30  dsandras
 * Fixes compilation with P_SASL = 0.
 * Revision 1.3  2004/04/26 01:51:57  rjongbloed
 * More implementation of XMPP, thanks a lot to Federico Pinna & Reitek S.p.A.
 * Revision 1.2  2004/04/23 06:07:24  csoutheren
 * Added #if P_SASL to allow operation without SASL
 * Revision 1.1  2004/04/22 12:31:00  rjongbloed
 * Added PNotifier extensions and XMPP (Jabber) support,
 *   thanks to Federico Pinna and Reitek S.p.A.

#ifndef _XMPP_C2S
#define _XMPP_C2S

#pragma interface

#include <ptclib/xmpp.h>


#include <ptclib/psasl.h>
#include <ptlib/sockets.h>


namespace XMPP
  namespace C2S

    /** XMPP client to server TCP transport
    class TCPTransport : public Transport
      PCLASSINFO(TCPTransport, Transport);

      TCPTransport(const PString& hostname);
      TCPTransport(const PString& hostname, WORD port);

      const PString&  GetServerHost() const   { return m_Hostname; }
      WORD            GetServerPort() const   { return m_Port; }

      virtual BOOL Open();
      virtual BOOL Close();

      PString         m_Hostname;
      WORD            m_Port;
      PTCPSocket *    m_Socket;

    /** This class handles the client side of a C2S (Client to Server)
        XMPP stream.
    class StreamHandler : public BaseStreamHandler
      PCLASSINFO(StreamHandler, BaseStreamHandler);

      StreamHandler(const JID& jid, const PString& pwd, BOOL newAccount = FALSE);

      virtual BOOL IsEstablished() const        { return m_State == Established; }

      virtual BOOL Start(Transport * transport = 0);

      /** Request the delivery of the specified stanza
      NOTE: the StreamHandler takes ownership of the stanza
      and will take care of deleting it.
      BIG NOTE: use this method and not Write() if you want to
      get a notification when an answer to an iq arrives
      BOOL    Send(Stanza * stanza);

      void    SetVersion(WORD major, WORD minor);
      void    GetVersion(WORD& major, WORD& minor) const;

      const JID&  GetJID() const  { return m_JID; }

      /** These notifier lists after when a client session is
      established (i.e. after the handshake and authentication
      steps are completed) or is released. The parameter passed
      to the notifiers is a reference to the stream handler
      PNotifierList&  SessionEstablishedHandlers()  { return m_SessionEstablishedHandlers; }
      PNotifierList&  SessionReleasedHandlers()     { return m_SessionReleasedHandlers; }

      /** These notifier lists are fired when a XMPP stanza or a
      stream error is received. For the notifier lists to be fired
      the stream must be already in the established state (i.e.
      after the bind and the session state). The parameter passed
      to the notifiers is a reference to the received pdu
      PNotifierList&  ErrorHandlers()     { return m_ErrorHandlers; }
      PNotifierList&  MessageHandlers()   { return m_MessageHandlers; }
      PNotifierList&  PresenceHandlers()  { return m_PresenceHandlers; }
      PNotifierList&  IQHandlers()        { return m_IQHandlers; }

      /** A notifier list for a specific namespace. The list will
      be fired only upon receiving an IQ with the child element
      of the specified namespace
      PNotifierList&  IQNamespaceHandlers(const PString& xml_namespace);

      /** A notifier list for a particular message originator. The list will
      be fired only upon receiving a message from the specified jid.
      NOTE: if a matching notifier list is found and it's not emnpty, the
      generic MessageHandlers list IS NOT fired.
      PNotifierList&  MessageSenderHandlers(const JID& from);

      /** JEP-0030 Service Discovery access methods.
          The response handler will receive a PIQ stanza (a smart
          pointer to a XMPP::IQ)
      virtual BOOL DiscoverItems(
                    const PString& jid,           ///< JID to which a query will be send
                    PNotifier * responseHandler,
                    const PString& node = PString::Empty()); ///< Optional node

      virtual BOOL DiscoverInfo(
                    const PString& jid,           ///< JID to which a query will be send
                    PNotifier * responseHandler,
                    const PString& node = PString::Empty()); ///< Optional node

      virtual void    OnOpen(Stream& stream, INT);
      virtual void    OnClose(Stream& stream, INT);
      virtual void    StartRegistration();
      virtual void    StartAuthNegotiation();

      virtual void    OnSessionEstablished();
      virtual void    OnSessionReleased();
      virtual void    OnElement(PXML& pdu);
      virtual void    OnError(PXML& pdu);

      virtual void    OnMessage(XMPP::Message& pdu);
      virtual void    OnPresence(XMPP::Presence& pdu);
      virtual void    OnIQ(XMPP::IQ& pdu);

      // State handlers
      virtual void    HandleNullState(PXML& pdu);
      virtual void    HandleRegStartedState(PXML& pdu);
      virtual void    HandleTLSStartedState(PXML& pdu);
#if P_SASL2
      virtual void    HandleSASLStartedState(PXML& pdu);
      virtual void    HandleNonSASLStartedState(PXML& pdu);
      virtual void    HandleStreamSentState(PXML& pdu);
      virtual void    HandleBindSentState(PXML& pdu);
      virtual void    HandleSessionSentState(PXML& pdu);
      virtual void    HandleEstablishedState(PXML& pdu);

      virtual BOOL    Discover(const PString& xmlns,
                               const PString& jid,
                               PNotifier * responseHandler,
                               const PString& node);

      WORD                m_VersionMajor;
      WORD                m_VersionMinor;
      PString             m_StreamID;
      BOOL                m_NewAccount;
      JID                 m_JID;
      const PString       m_Password;
#if P_SASL2
      PSASLClient         m_SASL;
      PString             m_Mechanism;
      BOOL                m_HasBind;
      BOOL                m_HasSession;

      PNotifierList       m_SessionEstablishedHandlers;
      PNotifierList       m_SessionReleasedHandlers;
      PNotifierList       m_ErrorHandlers;
      PNotifierList       m_MessageHandlers;
      PNotifierList       m_PresenceHandlers;
      PNotifierList       m_IQHandlers;
      PDictionary<PString, PNotifierList> m_IQNamespaceHandlers;
      PDictionary<JID, PNotifierList> m_MessageSenderHandlers;

      PMutex              m_PendingIQsLock;
      StanzaList          m_PendingIQs;

      enum StreamState
        NonSASLStarted, ///< non SASL authentication (JEP-0078)

      virtual void SetState(StreamState s);

      StreamState m_State;

  }  // namespace C2S
} // namespace XMPP

#endif  // P_EXPAT

#endif  // _XMPP_C2S

// End of File ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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