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PSTUNMessage Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  MsgType {
  BindingRequest = 0x0001, BindingResponse = 0x0101, BindingError = 0x0111, SharedSecretRequest = 0x0002,
  SharedSecretResponse = 0x0102, SharedSecretError = 0x0112

Public Member Functions

void AddAttribute (const PSTUNAttribute &attribute)
PSTUNAttributeFindAttribute (PSTUNAttribute::Types type)
PSTUNAttributeGetFirstAttribute ()
const PSTUNMessageHeaderoperator-> () const
bool Poll (PUDPSocket &socket, const PSTUNMessage &request, PINDEX pollRetries)
 PSTUNMessage (MsgType newType, const BYTE *id=NULL)
bool Read (PUDPSocket &socket)
void SetAttribute (const PSTUNAttribute &attribute)
void SetType (MsgType newType, const BYTE *id=NULL)
bool Validate ()
bool Write (PUDPSocket &socket) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 296 of file pstun.cxx.

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