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PSTUNClient::RTPSupportTypes PSTUNClient::IsSupportingRTP ( BOOL  force = FALSE )

Return an indication if the current STUN type supports RTP Use the force variable to guarantee an up to date test

forceForce a new check

Definition at line 575 of file pstun.cxx.

References GetNatType().

  switch (GetNatType(force)) {

    // types that do support RTP 
    case OpenNat:
    case ConeNat:
      return RTPOK;

    // types that support RTP if media sent first
    case SymmetricFirewall:
    case RestrictedNat:
    case PortRestrictedNat:
      return RTPIfSendMedia;

    // types that do not support RTP
    case BlockedNat:
    case SymmetricNat:
      return RTPUnsupported;

    // types that have unknown RTP support
    case UnknownNat:
    case PartialBlockedNat:

  return RTPUnknown;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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