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PString PArgList::GetOptionString ( char  optionChar,
const char *  dflt = NULL 
) const [virtual]

Get option string. Gets the string associated with an option e.g. -ofile or -o file would return the string "file". An option may have an associated string if it had a ':' character folowing it in the specification string passed to the Parse() function.

the options associated string.
optionCharCharacter letter code for the option
dfltDefault value of the option string

Definition at line 1681 of file osutils.cxx.

References PString::Find(), and optionLetters.

Referenced by XMLRPCApp::Main(), Vxmltest::Main(), VidTest::Main(), ThreadSafe::Main(), Threadex::Main(), StunClient::Main(), LDAPTest::Main(), IPV6Test::Main(), Emailtest::Main(), DtmfTest::Main(), DNSTest::Main(), and Audio::Main().

  return GetOptionStringByIndex(optionLetters.Find(option), dflt);

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