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int PInternetProtocol::ExecuteCommand ( PINDEX  cmdNumber  )  [virtual, inherited]

Write a command to the socket, using WriteCommand() and await a response using ReadResponse(). The first character of the response is returned, as well as the entire response being saved into the protected member variables lastResponseCode and lastResponseInfo.

This function is typically used by client forms of the socket.

First character of response string or '' if a socket error occurred.
cmdNumber  Number of command to write.

Definition at line 663 of file inetprot.cxx.

Referenced by PPOP3Client::BeginMessage(), PFTPClient::ChangeDirectory(), PPOP3Client::Close(), PSMTPClient::Close(), PFTPClient::Close(), PPOP3Client::DeleteMessage(), PFTPClient::GetCurrentDirectory(), PFTPClient::GetFileStatus(), PPOP3Client::GetMessageCount(), PPOP3Client::GetMessageHeaders(), PPOP3Client::GetMessageSizes(), PFTPClient::GetSystemType(), PPOP3Client::LogIn(), PFTPClient::LogIn(), PFTP::SendPORT(), and PFTPClient::SetType().

  return ExecuteCommand(cmd, PString());

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