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//#include <sys/mman.h>
//#include <sys/time.h>

#include <ptlib.h>
#include <ptlib/videoio.h>
#include <ptlib/vconvert.h>

#if defined(P_FREEBSD)
#include <machine/ioctl_meteor.h>

#if defined(P_OPENBSD) || defined(P_NETBSD)
#if P_OPENBSD >= 200105
#include <dev/ic/bt8xx.h>
#elif P_NETBSD >= 105000000
#include <dev/ic/bt8xx.h>
#include <i386/ioctl_meteor.h>

class PVideoInputDevice_BSDCAPTURE: public PVideoInputDevice


  static PStringList GetInputDeviceNames();

  PStringList GetDeviceNames() const
  { return GetInputDeviceNames(); }

  BOOL Open(const PString &deviceName, BOOL startImmediate);

  BOOL IsOpen();

  BOOL Close();

  BOOL Start();
  BOOL Stop();

  BOOL IsCapturing();

  PINDEX GetMaxFrameBytes();

  BOOL GetFrame(PBYTEArray & frame);
  BOOL GetFrameData(BYTE*, PINDEX*);
  BOOL GetFrameDataNoDelay(BYTE*, PINDEX*);

  BOOL GetFrameSizeLimits(unsigned int&, unsigned int&,
                    unsigned int&, unsigned int&);

  BOOL TestAllFormats();

  BOOL SetFrameSize(unsigned int, unsigned int);
  BOOL SetFrameRate(unsigned int);
  BOOL VerifyHardwareFrameSize(unsigned int, unsigned int);

  BOOL GetParameters(int*, int*, int*, int*, int*);

  BOOL SetColourFormat(const PString&);

  int GetContrast();
  BOOL SetContrast(unsigned int);
  int GetBrightness();
  BOOL SetBrightness(unsigned int);
//  int GetWhiteness();
//  BOOL SetWhiteness(unsigned int);
//  int GetColour();
//  BOOL SetColour(unsigned int);
  int GetHue();
  BOOL SetHue(unsigned int);

//  BOOL SetVideoChannelFormat(int, PVideoDevice::VideoFormat);
  BOOL SetVideoFormat(PVideoDevice::VideoFormat);
  int GetNumChannels();
  BOOL SetChannel(int);

  BOOL NormalReadProcess(BYTE*, PINDEX*);

  void ClearMapping();

  struct video_capability
      int channels;   /* Num channels */
      int maxwidth;   /* Supported width */
      int maxheight;  /* And height */
      int minwidth;   /* Supported width */
      int minheight;  /* And height */

  int    videoFd;
  struct video_capability videoCapability;
  int    canMap;  // -1 = don't know, 0 = no, 1 = yes
  BYTE * videoBuffer;
  PINDEX frameBytes;
  int    mmap_size;

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