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#ifndef SUNAUDIO_H 
#define SUNAUDIO_H

#include <ptlib.h>
#include <ptlib/sound.h>
#include <ptlib/socket.h>
#include <ptlib/plugin.h>

#include <sys/audio.h>

class PSoundChannelSunAudio: public PSoundChannel
    void Construct();
    PSoundChannelSunAudio(const PString &device,
                     PSoundChannel::Directions dir,
                     unsigned numChannels,
                     unsigned sampleRate,
                 unsigned bitsPerSample);
    static PStringArray GetDeviceNames(PSoundChannel::Directions = Player);
    static PString GetDefaultDevice(PSoundChannel::Directions);
    BOOL Open(const PString & _device,
              Directions _dir,
              unsigned _numChannels,
              unsigned _sampleRate,
              unsigned _bitsPerSample);
    BOOL Setup();
    BOOL Close();
    BOOL IsOpen() const;
    BOOL Write(const void * buf, PINDEX len);
    BOOL Read(void * buf, PINDEX len);
    BOOL SetFormat(unsigned numChannels,
                   unsigned sampleRate,
                   unsigned bitsPerSample);
    unsigned GetChannels() const;
    unsigned GetSampleRate() const;
    unsigned GetSampleSize() const;
    BOOL SetBuffers(PINDEX size, PINDEX count);
    BOOL GetBuffers(PINDEX & size, PINDEX & count);
    BOOL PlaySound(const PSound & sound, BOOL wait);
    BOOL PlayFile(const PFilePath & filename, BOOL wait);
    BOOL HasPlayCompleted();
    BOOL WaitForPlayCompletion();
    BOOL RecordSound(PSound & sound);
    BOOL RecordFile(const PFilePath & filename);
    BOOL StartRecording();
    BOOL IsRecordBufferFull();
    BOOL AreAllRecordBuffersFull();
    BOOL WaitForRecordBufferFull();
    BOOL WaitForAllRecordBuffersFull();
    BOOL Abort();
    BOOL SetVolume(unsigned newVal);
    BOOL GetVolume(unsigned &devVol);

    unsigned mNumChannels;
    unsigned mSampleRate;
    unsigned mBitsPerSample;
    unsigned actualSampleRate;
    Directions direction;
    PString device;
    BOOL isInitialised;
    unsigned resampleRate;

    /* save the default settings for resetting */
    /* play */
    unsigned mDefaultPlayNumChannels;
    unsigned mDefaultPlaySampleRate;
    unsigned mDefaultPlayBitsPerSample;

    /* record */
    unsigned mDefaultRecordNumChannels;
    unsigned mDefaultRecordSampleRate;
    unsigned mDefaultRecordBitsPerSample;
    unsigned mDefaultRecordEncoding;
    unsigned mDefaultRecordPort;


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