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void PSerialChannel::SaveSettings ( PConfig &  cfg  )  [virtual]

Save the current port settings into the configuration file. Note that it assumed that the correct configuration file section is already set.

cfg  Configuration file to save setting into.

Reimplemented in PModem.

Definition at line 102 of file serial.cxx.

References GetDataBits(), GetInputFlowControl(), PChannel::GetName(), GetOutputFlowControl(), GetParity(), GetSpeed(), and GetStopBits().

Referenced by PModem::SaveSettings().

  cfg.SetString(PortName, GetName());
  cfg.SetInteger(PortSpeed, GetSpeed());
  cfg.SetInteger(PortDataBits, GetDataBits());
  cfg.SetInteger(PortParity, GetParity());
  cfg.SetInteger(PortStopBits, GetStopBits());
  cfg.SetInteger(PortInputFlow, GetInputFlowControl());
  cfg.SetInteger(PortOutputFlow, GetOutputFlowControl());

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