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PModem::PModem ( const PString port,
DWORD  speed = 0,
BYTE  data = 0,
Parity  parity = DefaultParity,
BYTE  stop = 0,
FlowControl  inputFlow = DefaultFlowControl,
FlowControl  outputFlow = DefaultFlowControl 

port  Serial port name to open.
speed  Speed of serial port.
data  Number of data bits for serial port.
parity  Parity for serial port.
stop  Number of stop bits for serial port.
inputFlow  Input flow control.
outputFlow  Output flow control.

Definition at line 66 of file modem.cxx.

References PChannel::IsOpen(), Uninitialised, and Unopened.

  : PSerialChannel(port, speed, data, parity, stop, inputFlow, outputFlow)
  status = IsOpen() ? Uninitialised : Unopened;

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