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BOOL PModem::CanRead (  )  const

The modem is in a state that allows the user application to read from the channel. Reading while this is TRUE can interfere with the operation of the meta-string processing. This function is only usefull when multi-threading is used.

TRUE if Read() operations are "safe".

Definition at line 447 of file modem.cxx.

References AwaitingResponse, Deinitialising, Dialling, HangingUp, Initialising, SendingUserCommand, and Unopened.

  switch (status) {
    case Unopened :
    case Initialising :
    case Dialling :
    case AwaitingResponse :
    case HangingUp :
    case Deinitialising :
    case SendingUserCommand :
      return FALSE;

    default :
      return TRUE;

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