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BOOL PModem::CanDeinitialise (  )  const

The modem is in a state that allows the de-initialise to start.

TRUE if the Deinitialise() function may proceeed.

Definition at line 259 of file modem.cxx.

References AwaitingResponse, Connected, Deinitialising, Dialling, HangingUp, Initialising, SendingUserCommand, and Unopened.

Referenced by Deinitialise().

  switch (status) {
    case Unopened :
    case Initialising :
    case Dialling :
    case AwaitingResponse :
    case Connected :
    case HangingUp :
    case Deinitialising :
    case SendingUserCommand :
      return FALSE;

    default :
      return TRUE;

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